Vet Specialist Consultants is dedicated to provide, cutting-edge recommendations for pets with complicated conditions. Our goal is to help veterinary practices to grow and increase the quality of medicine offered to your clients. Vet Specialist Consultants can help with complex diagnoses and develop the best treatment plan to optimize the care of your patient.

Vet Specialist Consultants are board certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Our Specialists have access to the latest information regarding cancer diagnostics and therapies, meaning your patients have access to the sort of diagnostic care commonly found at universities and veterinary referral centers.

Getting started is easy. Please fill out and submit the printable consultation request form with all pertinent information. The printable form is available as a downloadable PDF file for fax or email submission.

Please fax all test results to 855-Oncovet (662-6838)
or by email
or upload via
We will report back the same day or next day during our consulting hours

Consultation Report Includes:

Internal Medicine Cases

  • Diagnosis
  • Interpretation of current blood work
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Recommended additional testing
  • Treatment recommendations

Oncology Cases

  • Diagnosis
  • Interpretation of current blood work
  • Staging or additional staging if required
  • Treatment options
  • Standard of care treatment
    (chemotherapy protocol, clients information)
  • Alternative treatment
  • Palliative care


Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation: Review case information in depth and provide a complete written report, response by:

Internal Medicine Cases
Phone, mail or fax $100.00

Oncology Cases
Phone, email or fax $100.00

Follow-up Consultations for ongoing case management are $50.00 per contact.

We will send you an invoice at the end of the month. Payment could be made using Pay Pal or check by mail.